Podcast: Fourth Amendment Update: 2018

Podcast: Fourth Amendment Update: 2018

This year the Supreme Court has agreed to hear three major 4th Amendment cases and these cases are discussed and examined in this podcast with Professor James Stern from William and Mary’s law school.

The first case is Collins v. Virginia, and the issue at hand is whether it is permissible under the 4th Amendment for law enforcement to search the curtilage (the premises of ones property) without a warrant for a motorcycle that was used previously to flee from the police.

The second case is Byrd v. United States and the legal question in this case in whether a driver of a rental car has any privacy if they are driving the rental under the permission of the person who rented the car but they are not on the rental agreement.

Finally, the last case discussed in this podcast is Carpenter v. United States which ask the court to decide whether the law enforcement has the authority under the 4th Amendment to inquire about one’s whereabouts through the cell site location information (CSLI), which is generated by one’s cellphone.  

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